Commercialized basketball is under- developed in the United Kingdom thereby yielding significant opportunities for investment at the professional level. Interest in the sport has dramatically increased due to the increased exposure of Britain’s leading professional players and the successful staging of both the NBA and Euroleague games in London. Moreover, we expect this interest in professional basketball will continue to grow due to the limited number of high-quality, family-friendly and affordable, indoor entertainment options that can be enjoyed by diverse audiences.


Premier League Basketball (PLB™) will become the premier professional basketball league in the United Kingdom. We will build a league focused on the development and retention of British athletes, while attracting quality players from around the world. Our cumulative experience in sport and finance coupled with global network will enable us to build a competitive British league to rival the best in Europe.


Analogous to Major League Soccer (MLS) in the United States, the PLB™ has developed a single entity business model. This model is best suited for emerging sports leagues in developed markets such as the United Kingdom. This formula allows Premier League Basketball both the opportunity to exercise stringent financial and operational controls and leverage the expertise of proven basketball professionals in finance, operations, and sports marketing.